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Who We Are

The Dog P.E.N (Public Education Network) is a tax-deductible, non-profit organization that promotes pet ownership responsibility, provides behavioral training and rehabilitation of homeless, abused and/or neglected dogs and cats. Through volunteer efforts, animals in Animal Control Facilities in Greene and Morgan counties are rescued, fostered and adopted to loving, permanent homes. This is made possible due to the hard work and direction of Flo , Founder and President of The Dog P.E.N., along with her dedicated staff of volunteers. Due to our small number of volunteers and large number of animals at risk for euthanasia, we do NOT accept owner relinquished animals. However, we would be happy to provide behavior or training advice, free of charge in an effort to resolve the problem and keep a family pet with the family. If there are no other options, we can provide contact information for local radio stations and newspapers and other ideas on ways to find a new home for a loved pet.

Adopting A New Best Friend

Our group tries to keep the adoption process as simple as possible. To adopt one of our wonderful pets, complete the Adoption Application available from the link at the top of this page. Submit the application and a Dog P.E.N. representative or foster will contact you as soon as possible.

With every adoption, there is a fee. Our fees are based on: rescue fees, medical expenses, and fostering expenses. Below is a breakdown of the AVERAGE costs to adopt one of our darling dears.

  • Puppies and dogs,altered and shots: starting at $125.00
  • Kittens and Cats (altered and vaccinated): starting at $50.00
  • Cats (altered and declawed): starting at $75.00

These are only guidelines. Individual prices may vary if additional medical expenses were incurred or if the animal was in foster care a longer period of time. Each foster family can tell you how much your perfect pal would cost to adopt.

We strongly encourage you to adopt one of our wonderful rescued dogs or cats instead of purchasing your next pet from a breeder. Please visit our pet listing link on a frequent basis as we continually update our list of pets available for adoption.

We Need Your Help!

Our organization is always in need of pet fosters, for dogs and/or cats. If you are interested in opening your heart and home to a homeless pet, we would love to talk to you about joining our operation. If you are unable to foster, we have many other ways that you can participate in our group, as well. Please send an email to

Additionally, the Dog P.E.N. welcomes fundraising assistance from individuals, club and other organizations. If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event to provide our rescue group with much needed financial support.

Our needs:

  • A person to help weekly with dog photos at the Morgan County Pound
  • People that can hold a dog/dogs several days until transport is available
  • Dry dog/cat food (Purina or Pedigree)
  • non-scented scoopable kitty litter. (May be left at the Jacksonville pound/designated for The Dog P.E.N. or call (217) 589-4269)
  • Cash or check donations (dog house collection boxes at veterinarian offices in Jacksonville)